“I am one of the lucky few who has actually kissed Andrew Rannells square on the lips on television, but even that didn’t get me as close to him as this remarkable book, which straddles the line between brutal honesty and wild humor and sticks the landing every time. Perfectly capturing the years of self-doubt as we transition from the teenagers we were to the adults we want to be, Andrew transcends entertainment memoir and tells a story of becoming—painful, pure, and true. He’s a singer and an actor and a dancer, and guess what? It turns out he’s a writer.”
—LENA DUNHAM, author of Not That Kind of Girl

“Andrew’s coming-of-age, coming-of-fame story is hilarious, touching, and relatable. I devoured it in a day and I already can’t wait to read his next book!”
ANDY COHEN, author of Most Talkative

“To see Andrew Rannells on anything—Broadway, TV, film—is to inevitably end up with a painfully huge crush on Andrew Rannells. I thought my feelings for him were finally under control, but then he had to go and write this memoir and I fell for him all over again. Too Much Is Not Enough is raw and sweet and real and laugh-out-loud funny, just like him—and is destined to be required reading for anyone trying to make it through the highs and lows of chasing a dream. Damn you, Andrew Rannells. I love you.”
—JESSI KLEIN, author of You’ll Grow Out of It

“From Omaha to Broadway, this funny, big-hearted book follows a boy just crazy enough with ambition and love to bend the world to his dreams. Andrew Rannells has written a wise and moving story about struggle and success, the intoxication of the stage, and the home that, if we’re very lucky, we can make for ourselves in art.”
—GARTH GREENWELL, author of What Belongs to You

“Some of us need to chart our own path from a place where we feel completely alone to the place where we make sense to ourselves. If you’re at the start of that trip right now, you’re lucky to have Too Much Is Not Enough as a joyous, generous roadmap. If you’ve made it there, you’ll see yourself reflected in some hilarious and heartbreaking stories. Either way, you will laugh and think and look for other people who’ve read it so you can talk about it all night long. Andrew Rannells nails the triumph, the turmoil, and the absolute necessity of following your gut, even—especially—when it scares you.”
DAVE HOLMES, author of Party of One